1. Use Your Real Name

Make your handle name your full, real name. This helps people find you, makes you instantly recognizable, and will help increase follower number and engagement.

2. Keep your handle consistent

Keep the handle name consistent. Having the same username on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc makes it easy for fans to keep up with you across all platforms.

3. Update daily

1 facebook post, 1-3 tweets (at least). Instagram can be less frequent, but one every few days works well.

4. Get engaged like Nicki

Interact with fans at least once a day. Retweet something someone tweeted at you. Quote tweet a short response. Answer a question. Nicki Minaj is incredible at engaging daily with her fans, she is super authentic and gets great engagement on her posts.

5. Be authentic

Show your personality as much as possible. Always add captions to Instagram and Facebook posts. Don’t be dry with your tweets, really show your fans who you are.