1. Be Regular

Post once daily, preferably with an image. Because of Facebook’s algorithm, you need to post often to reach your fans. Keeping your posts consistent and full of value will keep your fans engaged.


2. Play Tag

Tag as many relevant people, brands, etc as possible and relevant to the post. This will help bring you onto people’s timelines that like other pages on Facebook.

3. Stay on Trend

Hop in on trending topics. Even it is reposting an article with a few sentences on what you think. You will beexposed to thousands of people who would otherwise not come across you.


4. Get Engaged

Engage with fans. Host Facebook Q&As, respond to fan comments on your page and images when you can.

5. Picture Success

Choose a profile picture that is a clear, close up image of your face. This DOES improve performance and ‘likes’ growth. Make sure your face is visible (no sunglasses) and the icon of you is clear and centered.