1. Get to know GabBox. 

Scroll through Gabs from celebrities, TV show fans, and influencers. Influencer Nina Perez joined on our platform when it launched, and her Game of Thrones Gabs have been going crazy each week!


2. Spread awareness.

Let friends or fans know you’re Gabbing a few hours before the show. Send out a tweet or post a Facebook status saying that you will be on GabBox live chatting at 8 PM ET, or whenever the show starts. This will allow people time to download the app and become familiar with the platform before they join you at showtime.

3. Be prepared. 

Are you a massive Friends or Gilmore Girls fan? Do you know fun facts about the show that most people don’t? Try tapping into that knowledge and write a couple fun trivia bits down beforehand that you can post into your Gab. People will love to know facts like how Jemima Kirke was pregnant during the Girls pilot, so they had to dress her in flowy clothing to hide her baby bump.


4. Invite others to join you. 

So you set up your Gab room 10 minutes before showtime, and you want to guarantee plenty of people to engage with during the hour. Go ahead and share your Gab room to your Twitter and Facebook and send out an SMS text invite from the app to close friends and family.

5. Keep your Gab room lively. 

Now that you’ve kicked off your Gab, make sure to share frequently. We recommend posting a thought or interacting with someone in your Gab room at least once a minute.

6. Turn on sharing. 

Maximize your reach by enabling your posts to share on Twitter. During the season finale, this awesome Vampire Diaries fan club shared her Gab posts, so both her Twitter followers and GabBox followers were able to keep up with the conversation. This will also bring in more users from Twitter into your Gab room.


7. Make it visual. 

Take pictures of yourself watching the show, of what’s happening on screen, or images/GIFs you find online!


8. Keep everyone up to speed. 

Let your peers know where you are in the show. If you’re watching live, it is easy for people to join in on the Gab at any point. However, if you’re streaming, it is be helpful to mark the start of the show right as it happens, and mark commercials as they happen so people can replay your Gab with ease.

9. Ask questions. 

See what your fellow Gabbers think of the episode you’re watching, the season overall, or any of the characters. Abigail Spencer asked Rectify fans what they thought of her character’s attempt to socialize since she’s “not used to human contact.” Asking questions will guarantee to make the conversation interesting.



GabBox works because each person has a different take on every show, episode, and scene. Let your unique voice be heard!