Ah, the Super Bowl! The biggest day in US television and a moment for brands and their agencies to flex their creative muscles. Campaigns aim to leave a lasting impression by placing media buys on platforms that will deliver the biggest reach and engagement.

So how did we deliver 290,308,707 social media impressions, drive 649,934 engagements and get Avocados From Mexico trending as a top ten Twitter trend for over 80 minutes?  It all comes down to our proprietary technology, highly shareable custom content, and the power of Mr. Tim Tebow.

Let’s start by talking about the Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl campaign. A great commercial, broad digital approach, and social media baked into the campaign from the get go. We worked with Havas Media and AFM previously, as they had sponsored Gabs with celebrity Gab hosts including Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser), Eva Longoria (Telenovela), Chef Lorena Garcia (Masterchef), and Chris & Heidi Powell (Extreme Weight Loss). Tim Tebow was the perfect choice for AFM: a well-known name around football, health focused and family focused. He was also a huge Avocados fan already.

The Super Bowl has so much social media chatter that in order to break through any of the conversation, you have to go big. Avocados From Mexico did just that with Tim. Tim’s reaches 3.1M Twitter followers, 2.8M Facebook fans and 669k Instagram followers. Plus, his engagement is breathtaking.


Tim Tebow Super Bowl GabBox Avocados From Mexico


The key to any influencer activation is making sure that it is both timely and organic to the influencer. After being briefed by Havas, we set about creating organic Gab content in conjunction with Tim. A mixture of fun, shareable content, so he could spread his knowledge about football and excitement for the game together with product specific benefit posts. This content was then posted across Tim’s social media as he engaged with his fans answering their questions about the Super Bowl and responding to his commentary.

When celebrities of this size host TV commentary, they get thousands of comments and questions from fans per minute, and that’s where the GabBox technology comes into play. GabBox takes those comments and filters them in real time, serving up the very best for the celebrity to answer. By doing this, vs the celebrity pulling questions randomly, we are able to drive up to 10x the engagement than a celebrity live chatting by themselves. This gives the brand a huge boost and produces results we can all get excited about. To get the reach, all our content is syndicated from the GabBox app to the celebrities social media where many of their fans are already hanging out during the broadcast.

We are able to drive massive reach and engagement, but also weave the brand into a continual narrative around the broadcast, which most traditional influencer plays or TV advertising are not capable of doing. The brand is front and center of the Gab as it is integrated throughout the duration of the broadcast, enabling the celebrity’s fans to develop a sense of thankfulness to the brand for enabling this experience to happen. Many users ask questions that are on theme for the brand or may even include the brand in the question.

Tim Tebow GabBox Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl

#AvosInSpace trended organically on Twitter in 64 U.S. cities. It was in the top 10 U.S. Twitter trends for 80 minutes and continued on as a U.S. trend for another 105 minutes. Fans loved chatting with Tim about his love for avocados. Many fans posted about how much they too love avocados, their favorite recipes, and what they were planning on making for the Big Game.

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